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Motorcycle Manufacturers Directory of Custom Motorcycle Choppers Sport Bike Dual Sport Dirt Bike & Scooter Manufactuers and Builders

Motorcycle Manufacturers Directory

The Motorcycle Manufacturers Directory is an index of manufacturers and retailers and set forth by category of motorcycle, with an interactive motorcycle category page listing below so you can quickly click down to the specific motorcycle manufacturers you wish to view. Whether you are looking for cruiser or touring motorcycle manufacturers, manufacturers of custom motorcycles, Harley chopper builders, sport or dual sport bike manufacturers, dirt bike manufacturers, trike builders, or side car manufacturers, you can efficiently find specifically what your are looking for on this site without having to wade through the sites of manufacturers of motorcycles outside your specific interest. We are also expanding the catagory listing to include manufacturers and retailers of motorcycle related products, such as seats and saddlebags, clothing and apparel, and hope in time to add pages for motorcycle parts manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

The Motorcycle Manufacturers Directory is Sponsored by the Henke Law Offices. Ray Henke is the Founder of M-A-D-D, "Motorcyclists Against Dumb Drivers," the premise for which is that the dangers we face as bikers is due principally to "auto driver ignorance" of motorcycle safety issues, for example, auto driver ignorance that their car rear view mirrors have holes in them large enough to obscure a motorcycle passing in an adjoining lane, or as another example, auto driver ignorance of the fact that generally speaking bikes stop more quickly than cars. The vast majority of multi-vehicle motorcycle accidents are solely the fault of the driver of the other vehicle, without any negligence on the part of the motorcyclist, mostly the result of the auto driver's failure to yield the way at intersections, either by entering from a side street or turning left from the opposite direction into the motorcyclist's path. M-A-D-D disputes the conventional wisdom that the dangers we face are the inescapable product of the inherant "lack of conspicuity" of motorcycles; rather, the problem is that auto drivers fail to recognize that they have an enhanced responsibility to look out for motorycles before crossing into our right of way. M-A-D-D takes the position that the way to cure auto driver ignorance is by education, specifically: requiring that state auto driver test booklets be changed to provide comprehensive education on motorcycle safety issues and that the written tests that auto drivers must pass to obtain or renew an auto drivers license contain an extensive list of motorycle safety and motorcycle accident avoidance questions, and that auto drivers be denied drivers licenses unless they answer all motorcycle safety questions correctly.

Henke is a motorcyclist himself and pleased to provide informal legal advice to bikers free of charge. Click the button on the top right of this page or consult his web site "The Motorcycle Accident Lawyer."

The Motorcycle Manufacturers Listing contains a broad spectrum of motorcycle manufacturers and builders, for example, cruiser manufacturers and builders of custom motorcycles, chopper manufacturers, sport bike manufacturers, dual sport and dual purpose motorcycle manufacturers, manufacturers of off road bikes and scooter manufacturers, listed separately. Many of the manufacturers listed are major motorcycle manufacturers such as BMW, Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, and Yamaha. Others are medium and smaller motorcycle manufacturers, custom motorcycle and chopper builders, and manufacturers of unique bikes, builders of trikes, manufacturers of motorcycles with side cars, electric motorcycle manufacturers and even a motorcycle manufacturer who claims to have perfected an automatic motorcycle transmission.

Most of the motorcycle manufacturers listed have web site addresses, and for those motorcycle manufacturers and builders the web addresses are available so that you can go directly to the motorcycle manufactures web sites and view photographs and specifications for the particular motorcycles.

Motorcycle Manufacturers by Interactive Category Listing

Click on the category of motorcycle manufacturers you wish to view, and you will be redirected to the page where you will find the specific listing of motorcycle manufacturers in the category you are interest in, along with the motorcycle manufacturer's web site addresses and a short description of the manufacturer's product line.

Motorcycle Manufacturers - Manufacturer Index By Category


Motorcycle Manufacturers Not Included

The Motorcycle Manufacturers Directory is a work in progress. Every effort has been made to be as complete as possible, however, undoubtedly there are motorcycle manufacturers who are not included. Some motorcycle manufacturers may not have been included because they have been determined no longer to be in business. Others motorcycle manufacturers may not be included because they do not have a web site or Internet presence, although that is not an intended criterion for inclusion. Others may not be included just because the author of this Index is human, and like most of us, far from infallible.

If you are a motorcycle manufacturer or builder, and you have been omitted from this web site, please accept our apologies and please send us an e-mail to providing your company Internet web site address, and we will attempt promptly to include your company on the Motorcycle Manufacturers Directory. If you are a motorcycle manufacturer or builder, but do not have an Internet web site, then please provide a description of the motorcycles you manufacture, and the categories of motorcycles under which you believe your company should be listed. Also please provide your address, and e-mail address so that motorcyclists interested in more information about your motorcycles can contact you.
We also welcome individual motorcyclists to please advise us if we have omitted a motorcycle manufacturer from our Motorcycle Manufacturers Directory, and further welcome any other comments you may have to permit us to make our Motorcycle Manufacturers Index more useful. Press the Contact button, or send your comments to If you wish to more information with regard to Mr. Henke, you may refer to his web site at motorcycle accident lawyers. If you were involved in an accident in California, in Los Angeles San Diego Orange County the San Francisco Bay Area Oakland San Jose or Sacramento you may consult the California motorcycle accident lawyers for a free consultation.

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